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BioSizer-Lambda™ DNA Ladder Plus (Quantitative)

BioSizer Lambda DNA Ladder CAT NO: BG-M-Lambda-001


The Hind III digest of lambda DNA yields 8 fragments suitable for use as molecular weight standards for agarose gel electrophoresis. λDNA / Hind III is pre-mixed with loading buffer and is ready to use.

Recommended Loading:
2-5 μl/lane

Recommended Electrophoresis Conditions:
5 μl/Lane, 8 cm 0.7 %Agarose Gel, 1xTAE, 7V/cm, 45min

Contents (bp):

Store at -20°C. Stable for one year.

588 μl

NOTE: The cohesive ends of fragments 1 and 4 may cause formation of extra band 27491bp. The fragments may be separated by heating to 65°C for 3 minutes before loading the sample on the gel.

BG-M-Lambda-001 BioSizer-Lambda™DNA Ladder (Quantitative)
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