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BioGene launches InSyte, a revolutionary thermal cycling and analysis system. Discover the benefits of InSyte View InSyte software screenshots View InSyte technical details View InSyte PDF (312k) Register your interest in InSyte
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Heated Plate Patent pending Integrated Thermal Control (ITC) forms the basis of this system. It has long been recognised that intra-sample variations caused by thermal gradients within metal block or air-heating systems causes differences in the final product (quantity and quality).

ITC uses the concept of directly heating the vessel containing the reaction mix and in addition having a single temperature sensor for each vessel to ensure truly independent thermal control. Direct heating also has a significant effect on thermal transfer rates as does the ‘capillary’ design of the reaction vessel (allows for a high surface to volume ratio) both leading to
ULTRA-RAPID Thermal Cycling

InSyteHigh throughput, cleaner reaction products and the ability to run reactions with different thermal profiles are significant advantages of this technology e.g. running gradients for process optimisation, multiple different tests on the same sample in diagnostic applications where time to report results is critical and high throughput screening.

InSyte laser mirror systemInSyte uses leading edge technology to ensure that the thermal performance is matched by fast, sensitive optics. A compact, high lifetime (10,000 hour) solid-state laser provides an intense, well-collimated pure light source at 473nm (compatible with all standard chemistries, dyes and dye sets). A multi-channel PMT collects all emitted wavelengths between 520 and 720nm-the system is not constrained by use of filter sets to detect fixed bands of emitted fluorescence. This allows the user to ‘see the full picture’! High scan rates (full plate read up to once every 3 seconds) provide good data sets for use in subsequent analysis.



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This product contains ITC - Integrated Thermal Control (Patent Pending).


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