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ChimerMarker™ Software: Automated Analysis, Chimerism Detection, Quantification and Monitoring from Short Tandem Repeat (STR) DNA from Post-Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT)

Chimermarker automated chimerism analysis software

Chimermarker automated chimerism analysis software ChimerMarker™, automated chimerism analysis software, integrates speed and accuracy with a biologist-friendly interface.

The software can be used to monitor chimerism level in both allogeneic and autologous stem cells transplant (SCT) or hematopoietic stem cells transplant (HSCT), bone marrow transplant (BMT, post bone marrow engraftment), and cord and peripheral blood stem cells transplant (PBSCT) samples.

The program provides accurate, rapid genotyping and chimerism analysis; automatically identifies donor and recipient peaks in post-BMT samples, calculates percent chimerism and quality metrics for single donor or double donor cases, and has multi-lineage capabilities for chimerism analysis of T-cells, B-cells, and other cell type populations. ChimerMarker includes functions for comparison of samples at different time points to conduct longitudinal studies for monitoring each individual and a comprehensive chimerism analysis report. The chimerism analysis performs repetitive calculations (using published methods. Dr. Don Kristt). ChimerMarker is compatible with ABI®PRISM, Beckman-CEQ™, and MegaBACE® genetic analyzers, and custom primers or commercially available human identification chemistries for STR genotyping (including Identiflier®, PowerPlex®16, PowerPlex®ESI). Chimerism analysis is completely linked to the main analysis screen, removing the error-prone step of data transfer from genotyping software to chimerism analysis software.

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Complete Chimerism Detection, Quantification and Analysis in one program:
  • Accurate user-friendly expert system genotyping
  • Automated Detection and Quantification of Chimerism
    • Single Donor Cases
    • Double Donor Cases
    • Automates repetitive calculations
  • Multi-lineage Analysis and linked navigation
    • Concurrent Analysis of 5 tissue types per case
    • Saves analysis time
    • Decreases User Fatigue
  • Options for quantification
    • Peak Height or Area
    • published algorithms
    • Unique algorithms for complex multiple donor cases
  • User Management
    • Audit Trail
    • User Specific Access Rights
    • Electronic Verification in Final Reports
Tools to Assist Analysts and Supervisors:
  • Panel Customization for each Marker
    • Stutter Filters
    • Minimum Allele Call RFUs
    • Heterozygous Imbalance Flagging
    • Analytical and Stochastic Range Flagging
  • Sizing Quality Verification/Report
  • Project Comparison Tool
    • Check Concordance of Analysts
    • Aids with Validations
  • Genetic Analyzer and Chemistry Compatibility
  • Exportable Chimerism Analysis and LIMS Reports
Application Notes:

Download ChimerMarker_Brochure.pdf   ChimerMarker_Brochure.pdf

Download Chimerism2011_ApplicationNote.pdf   Chimerism2011_ApplicationNote.pdf

CM-001 ChimerMarker - Main Licence (12 Month licence)

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