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April 2013   Geneticist Assistant NGS Interpretative Workbench
November 2012   BioSizer DNA Ladders
October 2012 Haloplex Analysis
July 2012 GeneMarker MTP Multi-Template Processor
May 2011 ChimerMarker: Automated Analysis, Chimerism Detection, Quantification and Monitoring
April 2011 Genetic Analysis Seminar Videos
June 2009 Fast Whole Genome Alignment of 2nd Generation Sequencing Reads Using NextGENe® Software
April 2009 Assay design and analysis service from BioGene
April 2009 Deep Sequencing Analysis and Low Frequency SNP/Mutation Detection with NextGENe Software
April 2009 Transcriptome Analysis Using NextGENe Software
March 2009 SNP and Micro Indel Detection in Illumina® Genome Analyzer Reads with NextGENe™ Software
March 2009 NextGene:Condensation Tool and de novo assembly
January 2009 Paired Read Assembly of AB SOLiD System and Illumina Genome Analyzer data with NextGENe Software
January 2009 SNP and Indel Detection for Pyrosequencing Reads from the Genome Sequencer FLX System with NextGENe Software
January 2009 ThermoBLAST™ genome scanning software
July 2008 Next-Gene - Enhanced SNP & Indel Analysis
April 2008 Next-Gene - Analyzing "Next Generation" Sequencing Data
March 2008 Visual OMP - Nucleic Acid Structure and Primer/Probe Design Software
December 2007 MS-MSLPA module for GeneMarker
October 2007 JelMarker TILLING and EcoTILLING
March 2007 Hypervariable Mutation Detection with Mutation Surveyor®
March 2007 Mutation Surveyor version 3.1 Introduction
March 2007 AFLP Analysis of Gel Electrophoresis Images
March 2007 Loss of Heterozygosity Detection with GeneMarker®
March 2007 Sequence Assembly and Mutation Detection with Mutation Surveyor®
March 2007 GeneMarker® Software for Single Base Extension Analysis
 January 2007 Genetic Diversity Analysis with Mutation Surveyor®
January 2007 GeneMarker® Cluster Analysis
October 2006 SoftGenetics: GeneMarker® Luminex Software Release
September 2006 SoftGenetics: GeneMarker® HID Software Release
August 2006 SoftGenetics: New Releases for GeneMarker®
August 2006 SoftGenetics: New Releases for Mutation Surveyor™ and Mutation Explorer®
 April 2006 Seegene: New Products
March 2006 Automated Methylation State Analysis Module
November 2005 Network versions of Mutation Surveyor™ and GeneMarker® available now
July 2005 SynChron - Ultra-Rapid Thermal Cycler (Amplification Data)
February 2005 SoftGenetics Mutation Surveyor™ Software Update Version 2.5
November 2004 Indigo - Liquid handling robotic solutions
October 2004 Seegene - Technical Seminars
September 2004 Seegene - new products (SAFM™ Gene Family Isolation System - Homeobox)
August 2004 SoftGenetics Enhanced Alignment & Indel Detection
12th - 14th July 2004 Seegene Roadshow
5th - 6th July 2004 New and Developing Technologies for Genetic Diagnostics
1st June 2004 Seegene Distribution Agreement with BioGene
1st June 2004 Brooks Parallab 350™
11th - 14th May 2004 Analytica, Munich, Germany
21st April 2004 BioGene Awarded BBSRC Small Business Research Initiative
 3rd - 6th March 2004 1st International qPCR Symposium and Application Workshop
7th - 9th October 2003 BioTechnica 2003, Hanover, Germany
 29th - 30th May 2003   2nd Nucleic Acid Quantification Meeting, St. Barts, London
 4th February 2003   New BioGene website launched


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