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At Patient Testing

At Patient Testing (APT) represents a paradigm shift in molecular diagnostics. This novel, technology led actionable strategy focuses on testing whilst the patient (human or animal) waits in a decentralised environment (no specialist lab facilities or infrastructure required) by users with minimal training.

Patients can be rapidly diagnosed with the sensitivity to enable the early detection of subclinical, asymptomatic and non-symptomatic cases. This unique strategy provides actionable results and data in ‘real time’ to assist in triaging, treatment, and surveillance activities to help break onward disease transmission chains and mitigate the effects of High Consequence Infectious Diseases (HCIDs) on society. 

Everything we do and our continuous research into new innovations is dedicated to supporting At Patient Testing. APT represents true point of care testing in any environment without frontiers.

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CENOS is our innovative platform technology which comprises of our portable instrument and Extraction Free (XF) Reagent System. CENOS has the unique ability to carry out high sensitivity RT-qPCR diagnostic testing direct from almost any crude sample medium (including whole unprocessed blood) anywhere in the world without the need for expert personnel, lab facilities or equipment whilst the patient (human or animal) waits .....and in under 30 minutes. CENOS embodies and supports our strategy of At Patient Testing (APT).

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Pandemic Preparedness

There is no single magic bullet to end pandemics, but there is a combination of measures that will - commitment, finance, global holistic strategy, alerts and preparedness, and leadership. With so many lives at stake, now is the time for resolve.

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Our Work & Stakeholders

At BioGene we focus on High Consequence Infectious Diseases (HCIDs). This involves targeting both neglected diseases and Emerging Infectious Diseases (EIDs). Our key stakeholders include healthcare professionals for rapid response to outbreaks of emerging diseases and we develop diagnostic tests not just for human IVD applications but also in-field/penside veterinary testing.

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