BG Research

BioGene and BGResearch company history and innovations

Who we are

BG Research Ltd was established in 2004 as an independent company with the goal of acting as an innovation pipeline to BioGene developing and producing pioneering molecular and engineering technologies.

Innovation lies at the heart of all we do, our driving principal is 'Kaizen: Good enough never is, the strive for continuous improvement through evolution and innovation'.

BG Research has extensive in-house expertise and technical knowledge when it comes to delivering challenging projects and products even under demanding time constraints. This includes a project funded by The Department for International Development (DFID) in response to the Ebola epidemic in 2014 where we developed and delivered a complete qPCR system/platform technology within 12 months.

The Department for International Development (DFID) called on BGResearch to help fight the Ebola epidemic in 2014
BGResearch worked on the response to the Ebola epidemic in 2014

At BG Research we are proud to create products that not only lead the way in innovation – but save lives too.

What we can do for you

BG Research specialises in interpreting, defining and translating customer requirements into bespoke and novel solutions to solve customer-centric problems.

By utilizing our strategic capability in innovation we can design, develop and bring products to market including their validation and regulatory approval.

This includes the development, optimisation and validation of ISO 13485 certified IVD assays and medical devices using our in-house team of molecular biologists and engineers.

Quality Control & Assurance 

BG Research is an ISO 13485 certified company registered with BSI; our scope of certification is:

“The design, manufacture and servicing of qPCR and isothermal products to include instruments, facilitating equipment, assays and reagents”

This means we are certified to ISO 13485 standards throughout the entire product realization process including design and development, production and servicing of medical devices.

Our accreditation is not simply treated as an accolade, instead it is installed within the culture of the company and mindset of our employees. 

BG Research is committed to the effective implementation and maintenance of a risk-based Quality Management System that meets applicable regulatory requirements, ensures patient and user safety, satisfies the standards of ISO 13485 and promotes its ongoing improvement through continuous measurement and feedback.

We strive to continuously improve in all aspects of service and product quality to achieve complete customer satisfaction and positively exceed our stakeholder’s expectations.

BG Research ISO 13485 certificate

For more information please contact us or download our ISO 13485 certificate here

BioGene ISO 13485 certificate download
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