BioResolve Agarose

BioResolve™  is a comprehensive and complementary family of agaroses to suit all molecular biology requirements and applications.

Each lot is empirically tested to ensure absence of inhibitors to restriction enzymes, DNase and RNase activity, consistent resolution of DNA fragments and low background fluorescence when stained with Ethidium Bromide.

LMP Agaroses

The LMP Agaroses offer important reductions in both gelling and melting temperatures, allowing convenient and easy recovery of biological entities from gels. Applications for LMP Agarose include cell and tissue culture and nucleic acid electrophoresis. A key feature of LMP Agarose is high mechanical strength even at low gel concentrations giving greater ease of handling and cost-effectiveness in routine use.

  • Hi-Strength™ LMP Agarose
    These are low melting (<65.50°C) agaroses that are particularly suited to applications involving separations of DNA fragments greater then 600bp. The high gel strength (300gm/cm2 at 1% gel) make it easy to handle. The low gelling and melting temperatures allows good digestion/degradation of DNA/RNA and efficient subsequent product recovery. 
  • Hi-Strength Ultra™ LMP Agarose
    The lowest gel point available (<130°C at 1.5% gel), but still a high gel strength for good handling properties. Optimal separation of biologically active molecules, combined with certified absence of inhibitors ensures maximal product recovery, and preservation of products tertiary structure.
  • Pure-Sieve LM™ Agarose
    A low melting Agarose with high resolving capability for DNA fragments in the 200-800bp range. Use for in-gel enzymatic processes and preparative electrophoresis.
Cat No. Product Unit Datasheet
300-750 Agarose Hi-Strength LMP 50g Download here
300-800 Agarose Hi-Strength LMP
100g Download here
300-850 Agarose Hi-Strength Ultra LMP
50g Download here
300-875 Agarose Hi-Strength Ultra LMP
100g Download here
300-880 Agarose Pure-Sieve LM
50g Download here
300-890 Agarose Pure-Sieve LM
100g Download here

Low EEO Agaroses

The highest gel strength agarose available (>1800gm/cm2 at 1% gel) giving good handling properties at low gel concentrations. Applications include separation of high molecular weight nucleic acids, viruses, and ribosome's. Can be used for a broad range of fragment sizes by modifying the gel concentration.

  • Hi-Pure™ (Low EEO) Agarose 
    Use for gel electrophoresis. A cost effective, high strength, multi-purpose agarose.
  • Hi-Pure Ultra™ (Low EEO) Agarose 
    Use for both analytical and preparative electrophoresis, RNA separation, Southerns and Pulse Field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE).
Cat No. Product Unit Datasheet
300-200 Agarose Hi-Pure Low EEO 100g Download here
300-300 Agarose Hi-Pure Low EEO
250g Download here
300-600 Agarose Hi-Pure Low EEO
2 x 250g Download here
300-650 Agarose Hi-Pure Low EEO
4 x 250g Download here
300-400 Agarose Hi-Pure Ultra
250g Download here
300-500 Agarose Hi-Pure Ultra
500g Download here

Molecular Gating Agaroses

An innovative range of speciality pure agaroses, highly purified to allow high resolution of small DNA fragments. They have the same resolving power as 5-8% PAGE but without the attendant hazards associated with polyacrylamides.

  • PhoreCus™ Agarose 
    Use for DNA fragments between 60-1000bp and where high gel strength (e.g. for large gels) is required.
  • UltraSieve™ Agarose 
    Use in separation of DNA fragments smaller than 100bp - it is recommended for use where DNA is to be recovered for subsequent use in enzymatic procedures.
  • NanoSieve™ Agarose 
    Use for DNA fragments smaller than 50bp - high resolution with clear separation of 50bp products with 3bp differences between them.
Molecular Gating Agarose Approximate Separation Range (in 1x TAE buffer)
PhoreCus™ Agarose 1.8% Gel: 500-1000bp
3.0% Gel: 150-600bp
4.5% Gel: 50-350bp
UltraSieve™ Agarose
3% Gel: 80-400bp
4% Gel: 30-300bp
5% Gel: 10-200bp
NanoSieve™ Agarose
2% Gel: 500-1500bp
4% Gel: 150-600bp
Cat No. Product Unit Datasheet
300-900 Agarose PhoreCus 50g Download here
300-950 Agarose PhoreCus
100g Download here
300-975 Agarose UltraSieve
50g Download here
300-980 Agarose UltraSieve
100g Download here
300-985 Agarose NanoSieve
50g Download here
300-989 Agarose NanoSieve
100g Download here
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