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QuRapID-XF in-field and rapid multiplex detection qPCR system

Fulfilling a Growing Need

This novel platform technology has been developed to fulfil a growing need in the market for a portable in-field and rapid multiplex detection qPCR system.

This system requirement comes from a number of our key stakeholders some of which include healthcare professionals for rapid response to outbreaks of pandemic diseases and in the agricultural sector for surveillance of notifiable animal diseases. Diseases such as Lassa, Ebola, Marburg, Rift Valley Fever, Crimean Congo Haemorrhagic Fever, PPRV and Foot & Mouth are highly contagious with an extremely high mortality rate. Therefore, infected patients must be tested, diagnosed, quarantined and treated as quickly as possible in order to help save their lives and contain the spread of infection.

The Solution

The QuRapID-XF has been designed with usability, speed of detection and sensitivity in mind. The QuRapID-XF platform is a complete solution comprising of the instrument, reaction vessel and custom reagents designed to specifically meet the criteria of low sensitivity and rapid thermal cycling.

What makes the system so unique and innovative is its ability to directly amplify a range of RNA or DNA targets from crude samples in-field in under 60 minutes via a closed bio-secure tube real-time one step reaction without the need for a separate lab based nucleic acid extraction process. This is made possible by the patented underlying technology that has been carefully engineered to ensure optimal performance, reliability, repeatability and gold standard results. The aim is to use this novel molecular technology to improve global health outcomes and most importantly save lives.